The Association of Veteran Car Clubs in Australia (TAVCCA)

The Association of Veteran Car Clubs in Australia (TAVCCA) was formed in the early nineties as an umbrella organisation for individual state-based Veteran Car Club of Australia. It provides a forum for co-operation, and exchange of views, regarding the common interests of the veteran car clubs in Australia.

TAVCCA is made up of delegates from each of the member clubs and delegates meet annually at the National Annual Veteran Car Rally and at other times, as required.

TAVCCA is the Australian membership of FIVA (Federation Internationale Vehicles Anciens) and where appropriate, will liaise with similar international bodies, or relevant government entities to further the interests of the veteran vehicle movement.

Amongst its function TAVCCA:

  • Coordinates the timing and allocation of National Rallies.
  • Maintains an Australia-wide register of members of the member veteran car clubs in Australia.
  • Provides guidance for a common approach to the dating and identification scheme for veteran vehicles
  • Issues 100 year plaques for dated vehicles through the member clubs.
  • Has, since 1997, had the responsibility for the annual awarding of the Montagu Trophy. This prestigious prize is provided for the person or persons from a member club who are considered to have contributed greatly to the veteran car movement in Australia.